Fishermans Bend Catalyst Site

A cutting edge science and innovation district

Fishermans Bend is the largest urban renewal area in Australia. The State Government purchased this catalyst site to establish Australia’s leading design, engineering and technology district.

To publicly launch the project, Squint Opera worked with government agencies to produce a film and still imagery. The film articulated the diversity of uses, sustainable urban design principles and strategic importance of the project for greater Melbourne. We used our in-house designers to transform a high-level masterplan into a convincing architectural and landscape proposition.

Fishermans Bend Catalyst Site: launch film

Fishermans Bend Catalyst Site: motion graphics map sequence

Fishermans Bend Catalyst Site: innovation and education spaces

Fishermans Bend Catalyst Site: public space in the innovation and education precinct

Fishermans Bend Catalyst Site: aerial view

Fishermans Bend Catalyst Site: sustainable streets and public realm

ANZAC Memorial

The rejuvenation and expansion of the ANZAC Memorial

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A new mixed use precinct in central Melbourne

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